What’s the typical Budget of a Destination Wedding?

Hi, I’m Christina Maddox and I’ve been a Wedding Planner and Travel Advisor for 21 years, I was able to plan 360 weddings and 69 destination weddings, in God’s Grace it was all successful and every bride and groom that I helped loved me, my team and our work. One of the most asked questions of my bride and groom is how much is the typical budget of a destination wedding? Honestly, it depends on the location, guests, and your motif. It will not be accurate if I were to put a specific number.

Estimate cost in destination weddings in Asia is $15,000 -$25,000, In North America $28,000 – $50,000, South America $10,000 – $50, 000. That is why we always ask our clients what are their five must-haves in their wedding so that we can estimate and inform our clients if their budget is not enough and what we can do to help them plan their dream wedding.

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