What’s the best way to book my trip?

There are many ways to book your trip, but what we can suggest for you to do is to get an International travel advisor, it is safe to travel when your vacation is planned and you can reach out for help and guidance with an expert 24/7. Find a trusted Travel Agency and Travel Advisor like Heaven Sent Wedding Consultants and Travel Agency. We are in the industry for 21 years. Christina Maddox the owner and founder of HSWC&TA is an International Travel Advisor we are a full-service wedding, destination wedding, travel agency, and event consulting company that has planned over 350 successful weddings in the Tri-state area and 69 destination weddings and events. Chosen by Lifetime TV our weddings were featured on “Get Married”.

The best way to book your trip is to contact our office and schedule a vacation consultation so that we can have a better understanding of your vacation dreams. We can give you location options and provide you all-inclusive vacation options for you and your family that can fit your budget. We also provide very convenient payment plans.

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